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Maximize system quality and reliability with the most experienced safety-critical systems engineering team in the US. AVISTA Engineering Services places extra emphasis on quality through system requirements management.

The reason is simple: our comprehensive and accurate requirements management process ensures systems with well-designed hardware and software features that meet exactly what users want and need.

Our proven ability to deliver quality product while also meeting budget and schedule requirements is what has built our reputation as the premier service provider in the industry. AVISTA client-focused systems engineers have operational experience in aviation and understand the aircraft systems operating environment.

That experience is essential as we work closely with clients, partners and end-users to clearly define user needs and system requirements, delivering value at each step in the process. Our systems engineering services include:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Systems Architecture
  • Requirements Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Subsystem and Component Design
  • Verification and Validation
  • Deployment and Training
  • End-User Support
  • Product Line Maintenance
  • Test Equipment Design and Development
  • Quality Assurance

Since 1987, AVISTA engineers have worked on many different aerospace and defense programs, including flight systems, power systems, displays, satellite communications, and navigation systems.

With this military and commercial systems experience, our engineers offer expertise in a number of specifications and standards including ARINC, DO-160E, DO-178B/C, DO-200A, DO-254, DO-278, DO-330, IEEE, ISO, and numerous Mil-Spec standards.

Our ultimate goal is to convert verified requirements into working, maintainable systems of the highest quality for your program.