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Project Scope

Leading medical record transcription and coding company, Amphion Medical Solutions, needed to develop a solution for hospitals and clinics to allow qualified medical coders to work from any remote location. Because the company didn't have an internal software development team for the work, Amphion turned to AVISTA to lead the design, development, and testing effort for its critical product.


Previously, the company used individual contractors to achieve software development goals. With this strategy, key product knowledge left the company as soon as the project was over. Since the company wanted to stay focused on delivering medical records services, not developing software, but wanted to retain key product knowledge for updates and maintenance, Amphion turned to AVISTA to provide ongoing, strategic product development services. AVISTA refined Amphion's initial requirements, defined the design requirements, implemented the design and performed extensive verification.

Project Results

There were close to 95,000 lines of code generated, including application code, test suites, and auto-generated code. By using AVISTA’s knowledgebase for optimal project management estimates and coordination, the project came in on schedule and under budget, even with more features than was originally scoped.

Expert knowledge in mission-critical development methodology

AVISTA’s expert knowledge in the development of mission-critical software was one of the major reasons that the company was chosen to take on the project. While the project wasn't safety-critical, those processes ensured high quality results.

AVISTA’s ability to accurately assess project budget and schedule

By using AVISTA’s knowledge base, the company can accurately estimate project costs, needed resources, projected schedules, and potential risks. The knowledge base also provides detailed accounting of team resources invested in the project and tracks task completion progress. In addition, the system also enables proactive day-to-day project management by allowing quick response to unforeseen changes that occur during the project.

AVISTA’s knowledge of product life-cycle processes

The customer provided the concept of what became the initial set of system requirements. Not only did AVISTA help the client develop the system requirements, but the engineering staff also led the design, development, and testing effort. AVISTA used an iterative development approach, which allowed the client to evaluate the working application on a monthly basis.

Experience and retained knowledge

AVISTA offers a highly experienced software development team. With a large full-time engineering staff and the lowest turn-over in the market, AVISTA was the ideal strategic partner for long-term product development.