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Project Scope

Between February 2015 and May 2017, AVISTA developed and certified the S-92 Flight Director Mode Select Panel software. The activities included systems engineering support, full ownership of DO-178C software development and certification, development of system/software test environments, and tools for production.


AVISTA was responsible for airworthiness certification of flight software per DO-178C Level B, and for the clean sheet software architecture providing a modular and a configurable solution to replace legacy products.

Key Values / Benefits

AVISTA worked with the DER to find the lowest cost technically feasible solution and successfully executed the plan to completion. The result improved system, test equipment, and production processes resulting in significant cost savings over the life of the program.

4.136” w x 5” h AMLCD
Modular and configurable implementation
Initialization and operational state machines
Fault monitoring and reporting
Reading and processing of switch data
ARINC-429 Interface with Flight Control Computer
Display rendering along with page, message, and graphic management
Annunciator and lighting control
Heater control
Freescale i.mx53 processor based on ARM Cortex A-8 core
Python, C and Assembly
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
Aptana Studio 3
Responsible for interfacing with the DER and acquiring DO-178C certification approval
Generated planning documents and standards
Designed and built development environments
Redesigned and built verification environment
Replaced third party board support package enabling customer to have full product ownership
Developed tools for production line
Supported system requirement development
Developed software architecture, software requirements, software design, and source code
Performed software V&V for Requirement Based Testing (RBT) and Structural Coverage Analysis (SCA)
Optimized SCA methods and processes reducing program costs